The Best Tablets of 2017

According to recent research, half of the families own at least one tablet. Research also shows that %70 percent of children between ages 5 and 15 have access to a tablet. Even, many toddlers have their own tablet. As reports show that people of all ages are using tablets, manufacturers come with different devices targeting different user groups, which makes selecting the correct device complicated.
Before buying a tablet you must think how you will use it. Will you use it for work or playing games or just for checking emails, using social networks and surfing the Internet.
Here are our recommendations for buying the right tablet:

For general home use
If you will use your tablet for web surfing, checking emails, listening to music and playing light games, any tablet will do the work, just be careful about battery life and screen size.

For using at work
We recommend getting one with pen support for this kind of use. Samsung Note series are popular in this category but a tablet that runs Windows have also many advantages. If you want to get a tablet for a laptop replacement we recommend Microsoft Surface Pro series.

For gaming
If you want to play serious games, Apple tablets are the way to go. They offer great performance, good screen resolution, and long battery life.

Here is our selection of best tablets of 2017.

Model Image Our Rating Operating System Main Processor Screen Resolution Full Specs
Apple iPad Pro iOS Apple A9X chip with 64 2048 x 1536 See Specs
Microsoft Surface Pro 4 Windows 2.4 GHz Intel Core i5-6300U 2736 x 1824 See Specs
Google Pixel C Android 6.0 NVIDIA Tegra X1 2560 x 1800 See Specs
Apple iPad Air 2 iOS 1.5 GHz Apple A8X 2048 x 1536 See Specs
Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 Android 5.1 1.3 GHz Exynos 5433 2560 x 1440 See Specs
Apple iPad Mini 4 iOS 1.5 GHZ A8 chip with 64 2048 x 1536 See Specs
Lenovo Yoga Tablet Android 5.1 1.3 GHz Qualcomm APQ9009 1280 x 800 See Specs
Samsung Galaxy Tab E Android 5.1 1.2 GHz Qualcomm APQ 8016 1280 x 800 See Specs
ASUS ZenPad 3S Android 6.0 OS MTK MT8176 Dual-Core 2.1 GHz +Quad-Core 1.7 GHz , 64bit 2048 x 1536 See Specs