Omron BP710N Specs

Here are the detailed specifications for Omron BP710N.

Omron BP710N
Omron BP710N
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Type ?Type of blood pressure monitor. Upper arm monitors are known to be more accurate but wrist blood pressure monitors can also be very accurate if they are used as instructed by the manufacturer, they are extremely sensitive to body position and even small motions.
Upper Arm Blood Pressure Monitor
Omron 3 Series BP710N
Advanced Accuracy
Bluetooth Connectivity ?Some monitors support connection to smartphones and tablets via Bluetooth for tracking the status of your health.
Cuff Type ?This is very important if you use it for a person with a large arm or for a child. Also, many monitors support different cuffs that are sold separately.
Arm Wide Range 9″-17″
One Touch Use ?Start measuring your blood pressure with just a press of a button immediately.
2 User Mode ?The device can keep blood pressure data to its memory for two individual users.
Memory Storage
Irregular Heartbeat Detector ?If the device an irregular heartbeat pattern it warns you by a bip or a small icon.
Advanced Averaging
BP Level Bar
Power Source
4 AA
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